Gonzalo Pérez de Olaguer Córdoba

Senior Telecommunications Engineer

Curriculum vitae / Résumé

Telecommunications Engineer, specialized in microelectronics, Debian GNU/Linux system administration and programming firmware, C, C++, bash, perl, PHP, etc.

This is a selection of works I have made along my career:


Collaboration with Project Open Business Solutions, S.L. in the development of the project-open software for the owner company and customizations for some of their customers. Technologies used: Naviserver, OpenACS, PostgreSQL, Sencha, Electron, Docker.


Maintenance of the server of Kenwood Ibérica, S.A. that runs the web application developen by me between 2009 and 2010 (see below).


Consulting services for Montanyà Hotel Resorts, S.A. related to network management and system integration for PMS and POS management software.


Installation and maintenance of the computer network at the Escola d'Art de Sant Cugat, which provides network services based on a Linux server to fifty computers (PC and Apple) in several network segments (classrooms).


Design and implementation of a panel PC (PDX-089T) based turnkey system for access control for Hotels Montpalau. Based on Debian GNU/Linux, with Excel data import and export.


Deployment of a central server for the offices of Grupo Goderi, S.L. with management of users and computers, web and email services (among others) and fax server.


Design and implementation of a web application for Kenwood Ibérica, S.A., giving support to her service centers and sellers network: online purchase of spare parts, billing management, warranty claims management, technical documentation, etc.

I have used the following technologies:

  • Debian GNU/Linux based server, offering HTTPS web services behind a firewall
  • LAMP technology (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl)
  • Javascript framework: jQuery
  • Automated backup system
  • Server's remote management through a VPN
  • Programs delivered as debian packages
  • Documentation in LaTeX (TeX)


Design and implementation of an automated reverse engineering system for diagnostic equipment on board of industrial vehicles for the company Automotive Diagnosis CSP, S.L.

In this project I have used the following technologies:

  • real-time operating system RTLinux and RTAI
  • programming Linux kernel modules in C
  • data processing in C, perl and bash
  • graphical user interface in perl/Tk and in tcl/Tk
  • GNU's automake/autoconf program building system
  • Debian package's building system
  • eCos operating system for embedded systems
  • cross compilation of ARM target under i386 host using the gnuarm tools
  • hardware design using ARM microcontrollers (Philips LPC2000 and Intel XScale)
  • RS232, USB and Bluetooth communications
  • documentation in LaTeX (TeX)


Automating the layout generation of several electronic magazines in CD-ROM for HTTP Comunicació, S.A. and Doyma, S.A., using the Director program of Macromedia and Lingo programming.


Design and implementation of a program to control a PC-based electrolyte production line for Novatek, S.L.

Collaboration with the economics supplement El Correo Financiero, publishing articles about new technologies.


Development of small industrial control tools for Novatek, S.L. Automation of printed circuit board manufacturing processes.


Design and implementation of a management system for spare parts orders via modem and fax for the technical service department of Kenwood Ibérica in Spain and Portugal.

Design and implementation of a system for printing technical documentation under demand for the taximeters of Interfacom, S.A.

Translation of software and technical manuals for Kenwood Ibérica, S.A.


Design and implementation of control software for base stations of radio trunking for the TK715ETS/TST models of Kenwood.


I work for industrial companies in the province of Barcelona, mainly developing customized small automation utilities, and reselling numeric control software from third party manufacturers.