Gonzalo Pérez de Olaguer Córdoba

Senior Telecommunications Engineer

Free software consulting

I have been working with free software since 1995, and I have a good knowledge on it. This knowledge is at your disposal in case you are interested in knowing how far you could benefit from using free software, either to start new projects, or to replace the software you currently use.

You can find an excellent and comprehensive introduction to the free software (in Spanish) here.

Here you can find a table (in spanish), more extensive than accurate, of Linux software and their Windows equivalents.

Feasibility studies

I can develop a feasibility study for the migration to free software, making an inventory of all applications you currently use, and looking for free replacements for all of them.

Application porting

In case there is some application that prevents you from fully migrate to free software I would study the viability of writing that application using free software.